Alpha in the Bushes

After the Bimbo Virus hit, it was critical to be careful no matter where a person went. A bimbo might try to seduce a person at any time, hopefully converting them into yet another bimbo. Even worse, an “Alpha Male” might attack, transforming people into giggling bimbos that exist only to fuck. If you aren’t careful, you might end up like poor Carl here…

Carl had always loved nature. he always felt more comfortable in the outdoors. He loved to hike, and when the chaos from the bimbo Virus started, he thought it would be safe to camp in a park away from the city. The lusty bimbos and aggressive alphas couldn’t be there, right? He set up camp calmly, finally feeling safe. He decided to lie on the ground on all fours, just to stretch out for a moment. His butt was in the air…in the city, this would dangerous, but out here it was safe. Unfortunately for Carl, an Alpha had been hiding in the bushes. The Alpha leaped out, aiming right for Carl’s ass, pushed up like he was already a horny bimbo. The Alpha didn’t take long, and second his tip entered Carl’s ass he was done for. Carl’s butt changed shape, becoming wide and full, a perfect “bubble butt”. His cock quickly shrunk into his body, turning into a moist pussy for his new Alpha master. His legs became slender and soft, while Carl’s sandals turned into high heeled shoes. The rest of his body followed suit, gaining large, bouncing breasts, blonde long hair, and a pretty face. As she was fucked by the Alpha, Candy could only think one thing: she loved being fucked in the outdoors.


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