Not the same

This was a proud moment, staring back at you was once the smartest girl in the school.

Granted she looked little different now, she’d always been stuck up and thought she was most important in the room.

So you played on her insecurities.

You still don’t know how you were able to get her to confide in you but once she started, it all poured out.

First was she acted like she did because she hated how she had the smallest chest in the class.

No longer, she now had tits to rival a local stripper

Her dress sense, she was always unstated; she had nothing to show off so didn’t know how to dress up.

She now has the dress sense of the schools biggest slut

Lastly she lacked confidence, you convinced her that if she was able to ‘think’ more like a popular girl she’d be more confident.

Now she’s an empty headed, big titted slut.


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