Oh God, Now!

My research company had been working on the transformer for years. When it was time to test it, there was a short list, and I was on it…by choice. I had always been fascinated by hot women and the crazy idea of actually becoming one was beyond exhilarating. When they had offered to pay the hottest piece of ass on the team Kara so much money into being the test subject that she had to accept, my interest was peaked. I managed to make myself the first transfer and on the day we amazingly transferred successfully I found myself in the body of the 26 year-old sexpot. My body was on fire, an unbelievably sexy package wrapped in secretary slut outfit, which immediately dialed-up my feeling of being a woman. I was me, but not me, Kara’s desire for men flooded my senses and I found myself in heat, my body begging for male attention. Several of the guys stood dumbfounded, finally Jake made a move toward me as he could see me wanton. I splayed myself out on the desk and pushed everything off as fast as I could as Jake removed my already wet panties. I couldn’t wait for him to pleasure me with his mouth. When he finally did, I started to moan like a whore, it felt sooooo good. After he masterfully worked my new clit for awhile, I was soon going over the edge. I spasmed and rammed my bucking hips into his face, cumming in a way I had never felt in my whole life.


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