Not So Fast

Ted was in shock on the left, as Ned on right smiled, changing Ted from bulky male to buxom female with an injection. As Ted was becoming fully aware of his new body, he tugged at the nearest thing, his mouth open in shock. Doctor Ned smiled as it happened to be the groin area of his trousers! What Ned didn’t know? The change serum actually transferred through the fingertips for a brief period. So this permanent serum would now affect Ned as well!

Shortly thereafter, Ned was very much changed while he was licking Ted’s new large areola and nipple. He pulled away seeing he had jugs of his own now, while his hair was starting to grow out a golden blonde was well. When the serum was done with Ned, he would be a busty hot chick, just like Ted. They would both have to figure out how to begin their new lives, as the serum was one way only, and another dose would not only fail to change them back, but it or anything similar would kill them. Ned couldn’t believe, after trying to get his perfect mate, he would end up just like her, and his new idea of a perfect mate was no longer a woman after the changes, but a well hung stud muffin like he used to be! Much the same went for Ted, and eventually they both went out to get men and bring them back to the lab, not to experiment with serums, but with sex!

As their new boobs bounced and new large bottoms jiggled riding their new men, they realized life would never be the same for them!


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