Melody Mounds

When Brent and Blaine both wished to be porn stars, they didn’t specify, so the genie did one of both sexes. Brent on the left was pleased, he was a hot male porn star, much to his pleasant surprise, but Blaine on the right had a strange smile as he realized something went very wrong on his part! He had huge boobs tucked away in a long velvet dress with long hair and a new empty feeling in his groin! He was also much shorter than Brent now too.

The genie smiled saying he granted the wish in a general sense, as they didn’t specify what kind of porn stars they wanted to be. Brent was now Brent Big, while Blaine was now Melody Mounds, and as he looked over at Brent, to explain his distress, he looked at him in a whole new way, with lust and desire! He was stunned to be turned on by his buddy as he grabbed his new huge boobs and with his new mouth open. He was not only a busty female porn star, but was now into dudes also!

The genie vanished, good for only a single wish between the two, and along with the genie gone was their old lives gone, and their new ones beginning. As the new Melody lifted up her long velvet green dress to find her new equipment, she seen she was wearing four inch dark green heels, which explained why her tiny feet felt like they were stuffed into stilts; further, she was also wearing shiny nude pantyhose, and they led straight to her flat green panties under the hose, and her new reality, a vagina with indoor equipment. This equipment, she realized would be used to satisfy her new urges for hunks!


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