Not mine

I woke up, I was in a strange bed. I walked to the bathroom, I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked tired, like I had sex all night. I was wearing my normal clothes, a red shirt and some jeans. Then I remembered last night a made out with a really kinky waitress. I remember her being so hot.

I then saw a pink cellphone lying besides the bathroom sink. Funny how I didn’t see it before. I picked it up, “Not mine, she must have forgotten it”. I quickly unlocked it “Alright! no password” I thought. I quickly openned her pictures folder. She had naked pictures of herself. But a picture caught my eye, she was wearing similar clothes to mine, but instead of my long sleeve shirt, she was wearing a red top with the same pattern. Instead of jeans and black belt, she was wearing shorts and the same belt.

I smiled. She looked really hot. I looked back at the mirror, and got frightened for a second or two. It wasn’t my reflection, it was the girl’s reflection. I looked back at my… I mean at her… at my … cellphone and I saw the picture of me that I had just taken. “I am so hot!” I said outloud. I adjusted my top, took another picture and headed out to work. I hope tonight I can get another guy to sleep with. I like being a waitress, but I love being a slut.


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