Didn’t Do A Thing

He’s still out. You sure he’s ok?

He’s fine. He only finished changing an hour ago. These transformation spells take a lot out of a guy.

Will he remember?

He’ll remember everything but it won’t matter.

Why not?

The spells, man. He’ll remember but will only be able to act as the spells dictate.

Oh. Wait, Spells? I thought there was just one.

No man. See the tattoo on his belly. The spells show up as tattoos and stay in effect as long as the tattoo is there and that’s the one that transformed him into a woman. The tattoos on his inner thighs, one for and one for me, means he always spread them for us.

But will he willingly have sex with us?

Oh yeah. See the heart tattoo above his pussy? That one means he will always be horny and crave sex.

What are the piercings for?

Nothing. I just thought they looked sexy.

You thought of everything, man. What did this guy do again?

Nothing. Nothing at all.


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