Do you mind?

“Daniel, why do you even have posters like that on your wall? They are practically naked under that sports jersey. It´s so derogatory towards women!”
After three months of dating I finally had invited my really good looking girlfriend Marie over to my place. I had cleaned it spotless but apparently I had forgot something crucial. Crucial to her at least.
“Those? It´s nothing. I`m a supporter of the team and they just happen to have their jerseys on them. It´s just a guy thing, y´know”.
If she could have gone nuclear she would. Gritting her teeth she muttered “It is a guy thing? Enlighten me how it is just a guy thing!”.
Uh oh. Better come up with something spectacular if I want to come out living from this one. And possibly keeping my girlfriend.
“Wait here and I`ll show you!”
I felt how her eyes were sending daggers into my back.

“My grandma gave it to me two days ago. It´s a magic rabbits foot. She said it granted wishes to the one holding it”. For some reason that didn´t make Marie even less furious. I better acted quickly.
“I wish that Marie was thinking like a guy”, I said and rubbed the foot.
“You wished wha…”
Her speech was cut off abruptly. If you were looking into her eyes you could almost see her cogwheels grinding to a halt, stop completely and then start turning the other way.
Marie´eyes glazed over for a second before she came around.

She looked at me with a bewildered look of suprise. Then she looked down at her cleavage. The fingers began to tenatively poke her breasts, the groping them with her hands. Soon her hands was feeling her up all over her body.
“It must have worked”, I thought, “she would never had made and U-turn like that otherwise”.
“How is it like?”
She gave me a dirty look. “You fucker! I´ve been in this body all my life and I remember all of it, but now it is like I`m seeing and feeling it for the first time. You wanna know what breasts feel like? Squishy. And way too sensetive. I feel weak and I´ve got too much fat on me”.
“What is your opinion on the posters behind you?”, I was really curious now.
She turned around. “Nice chicks”. Then it dawned on her what she just had said. “Oh, fuck. I`m really thinking like a guy now, aren´t I?”

We sat down next to each other, legs wide. I couldn´t help myself messing with her.
“If you can reach and catch the rabbits foot I`ll let you turn yourself back”, I grinned at her. She made a try but I was quicker than her and managed to pull away.
Then I did the same thing again, holding it in front of her.
I wasn´t prepared for the mean right hook that came flying to my jaw.

When I came about I saw Marie holding the rabbits foot. “So you thought that was fun, did ´ya? Here´s right back at ´ya”.
“I wish that Daniel will turn into a really hot chick, with his male mind intatct”.
“Oh, cra….”
Reality distorted itself for a second and reformed into a new one.
Where Daniel once had stood a really cute girl was standing instead.
Short but well proportioned. Purple hair, which was an off feature. Her face reminded one of Natalie Dormer´s.

“How do you like that? Bitch?” Marie was laughing hard now.
Like she had one earlier I looked down and was greeted with a generous cleavage. I had seen cleavage from the top perspecticve before but this was closer than ever. Just to confirm that the weight on my chest was real I lifted them up and down a couple of times. Marie was right about one thing, they are squsihy and too damn sensetive. I felt how my nipples started to harden.
I slapped my butt and it jiggled around for a bit. It also made me aware that the panties had crawled up betwen my butt cheeks. I followed the outline of my body, going from my legs up to my head. Curvy. My face felt like it had a pert nose and arced eyebrows. Nice hair too.
“Hardy har har. Very funny”, I said with my hands resting on my hips.
God damnit! It was like I had inhaled helium when I talked.
Marie laughed even more. It was like the most succesful joke ever. But it was when she stopped laughing that sent chills along my spine.
She eyed me up and down, apparently liking what she saw. She even let out a whistle. “Damn babe. You turned out real fine. If only….”
The lightbulb above her was switched on.
She took the rabbits foot, rubbed it and said: “I wish that I will become a guy with good looks”.

Seconds later a tall, fairly muscular guy with a square jaw was standing in front of me.
“That´s more like it!”, he exclaimed. He flexed his muscles a little bit. Then his hand went inside the front of his pants. “Wow. I´m hung!”.
“Give me some sugar, baby”. He grabbed a hold of me and forced my into a kiss. I resisted the whole time and tried to punch him, which was hard when he without much effort could pin me down. I even tried to grab the rabbits foot again.
He shoved me away when he noticed my efforts grabbing it.
“Nuh-uh. It´s mine now”, the guy that was formerly Marie said and held the foot up high wher I couldn´t reach it.
“Seems like we have to make some improvements around here”. A leering smile spread on his lips.

“I wish that Daniel´s male mind would turn into the persona of Tanya, my lovely and loving girlfriend”.
“No, don…….”
The girls eyes glazed over.
She shook her head as if to jumble the braincells into their correct positions again. When her eyes opened up again she saw the expectant face of her boyfriend Martin.
“Hello cutie!”, her happy singsong voice filled the room.
“You are the cute one, babe. Come here”. Martin held out his arms inviting her to a hug. She sauntered over to him, swaying her hips. They both met in an warm embrace, giving each other a tender kiss.


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