Not her sister…

Stacy wandered through the mall, shopping without intent or purpose. Suddenly she saw a familiar face and approached. A short girl with large breasts and large glasses, dressed conservatively in a gray shirt with an elaborate collar, tablet in hand. She stood looking around awkwardly next to a cosmetics case. Make up wasn’t normally her thing.

“Hey Jess.” Stacy said and the girl looked at her nervously.

“Oh. Hey Stacy.” The girl said nervously, not making eye contact. Stacy rolled her eyes. It was remarkable that a girl this shy and nerdy could get such a reputation as a slut. Well that wasn’t quite true. She was only a slut amongst her little cadre of nerdy friends. A choosy slut. Stacy had known her her whole life and sort of expected it. Jess had been quite the tomboy when she was young, always having a lot of friends who were guys. Then puberty hit, and after a few awkward years she ended up actually being very pretty, and a little more willing to embrace her girlishness. The reason became obvious after one time a year ago when Stacy and Jess’s sister Cassie walked in on Jess giving a guy a blow job. She dressed more girly cause she wanted guys attention.

“Is Cassie around?” Stacy asked. Jess blushed and anger flashed across her face again. Once more Stacy rolled her eyes. Jess and Cassie were fighting again.

“Hey Stacy!” Jess said walking up from behind Stacy and giving her a friendly hug. “Hey Jess, there’s a lady over there giving out samples and helping girls with makeup. You should go talk to her.”

Jess’s face flushed again, and for an instant she looked scared. Then she nodded in silence and wandered off.

“You got Jess wearing make up now?” Stacy said, a little impressed.

Cassie looked at Stacy quizzically. “How much do you remember about Jess?”

“Uhh, your sister? Everything. You and me have been friends since third grade, and Jess is only a year younger than you. You two weren’t super close, but I mean, she’s your sister. Of course I got to know her.”

Cassie smirked, “No she’s not. She’s not my sister.” She held up a little red stone in between her fingers, “This stone is magic. It lets you make one wish a day. It’s got limits to its powers, but only the wishmaker and the people who are directly effected by the wish remember the world before the wish was made.”

Stacy arched an eyebrow. “Ooooohhhhkkaaaayyyy…” She said slowly, “That’s quite the story. I’d expect something so fantastic from your nerdy sister, not you.”

“She’s not my sister. She’s my brother.” She held up the stone, “I wish Stacy remembered Jessie.”

Stacy’s eyes fluttered and then her jaw dropped. She could now remember both Jess and Jessie. Jessie, the nerdy annoying little brother of Cassie. The horndog boy and his loser friends who were always trying and failing to get with girls. The boy who had more than once hit on Stacy, and even one time `accidentally’ groped her.

Now Jessie was Jess, a nerdy girl with a slutty reputation, who let those same loser friends do whatever they wanted to her body.

“Oh my god… that’s…” Stacy said and felt like she needed to sit down.

“I know right! He’s been so scared and nervous since I changed him. He’s going over to one of his friend’s houses tonight to play some board game, but I’m pretty sure that’s just a euphemism for getting gangbanged now. ”

Stacy blinked, remembering Jess, the slut, she suspected that was true. “Why?” was the only thing Stacy could think to ask.

“Well, Jessie always was annoying, so I wanted to do something to fix that. Then I actually heard him say to his friends `I wish we could all laid a lot more’ and it gave me the idea to grant his wish.” Cassie said and smirked, “Plus, I’d always wanted a little sister, even if she is kind of a slut.”

Stacy remembered the two timelines, the Jess and the Jessie. Jessie had always been a mopey and dour guy. Jess was a bit skittish and nervous in public, but she did seem pretty happy…

“Hey, when that recharges tomorrow, you think we can turn my brother into a girl? I bet he’d be happier that way.” Stacy asked.

“Sure!” Jess said chipperly, “You’re my best friend, that’s why I wanted to share this with you!”

The two of them were going to have a lot of fun with that stone.


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