Never liked his frat

Marcus never really liked his frat brothers, so when he found that tome, he decided to make them into something he would like. One little spell and all the frat brothers, except Marcus of course, were girls.

Carl, the president of the frat, had managed the will to protest when Marcus said they all had to fuck him. Another quick spell and Carl was not literally what the rest of them were figuratively. Needless to say the other brothers, driven by their new urges and their desire to not be turned into a blow up doll like Carl, quickly got in line. When Hugh became the first of them to get fucked and immediately started moaning like a whore, they all realized they made the right choice.

After a lot of enthusiastic fucking (thanks to a stamina spell for Marcus) they even managed to get him to consider turning Carl back into a human being. Marcus said he’d think about it after Carl had been suitably used as a peace offering to their rival frat. Maybe next semester…


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