Not getting any sleep

“Would you and your girlfriend Amy keep it down?” James asked me, “I just can’t sleep from all the noise you make every night”. I knew exactly what he was talking about. My new girlfriend was quite kinky, and for two weeks we have been having sex every single night. Later that night, after James went to bed, Amy showed up. We watched a movie, and as usual we went to my bedroom, and had sex again. She loved moaning, she loved yelling my name. So as expected, the next morning James confronted me again “please! I am not getting any sleep!”, “sure dude I’ll try” I told him.

That night, a few minutes before James came from work, I walked into his bathroom, and as I have been doing for weeks, I spiked his soap and shampoo. When he got home, all he said was “It was a hard day at work. I am taking a bath, and then going to bed. I hope I can finally get a good night sleep”.

As soon as he got in the bathtub and started using the spiked soap, his body started changing, reshaping to the body of my girlfriend Amy. He grew breasts, his ass expanded, his body became silky smooth, the rest of his body became feminine. When the change was done, he had forgotten who James was, he would think he had always been Amy. After putting a bra on, she stood up from the bathtub and adjusted her panties. I had seen his transformation without him noticing me.

Silently I went back to the living room and pretended to watch tv. She walked sexily towards me, “I am so turned on. I want you inside of me” she said. “I sure love to, but I promised James we would keep it down” I told her. “I don’t care about your roommate, and neither should you” she said while sitting over me in a sexy pose. I just couldn’t say no to Amy, we went to my bedroom, and had sex once again.

In the morning, when James woke up complaining he couldn’t get any sleep again. He still thought it was from all the noise my girlfriend and I made. But the truth was that while being Amy, she didn’t want to sleep at all. All she wanted was to have sex with me. This is getting annoying, I must find a permanent transformation potion, that way James will be gone, and I will have Amy 24/7.


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