No Spraying

Tad had always wanted to titty fuck Nadia Knockers, the local stripper sensation. When she finally invited him into the VIP room backstage after a lap dance, bending her turquoise painted fingernail as a notion to come on back, he was ecstatic! He was tenting in his pants immediately.

She asked what he wanted, and he said titty fucking her! She said that would be fine, but he would have to pay $500 no matter what they did. He said that was fine, and even put the money down on the table right away! Nadia put the five “Benjamins” away in one of her drawers, and got on the bed, her huge hooters spread out naked from her previous strip session.

“I just have one policy, you spray it you buy it,” said Nadia.

Tad thought she meant if he sprayed cum on something in the room he would have to buy it, so just shrugged it off, he didn’t care, after all he was about to titty fuck Nadia Knockers! So, he pumped away on her boobs, and Nadia, was amazed at how good his cock did feel between her soft large breasts. She then warned him as she knew he was close.

“You better pull away soon, I mean it, you buy what you spray, I don’t like splooge all that much, you better do as I say,” said Nadia giving him a strange yet serious look in the eyes.

Tad couldn’t help it though, and exploded on her nostrils, mouth, and chin, but he thought this was ok, “See I didn’t spray anything in here, just you. Wow that was great by the way, I hope you enjoyed it too.”

“I DON’T ENJOY SPLOOGE YOU IDIOT, that’s what I was saying about not wanting it, and you spray you buy,” said an angry Nadia.

“What are you saying? I have to buy you now,” asked Tad puzzled.

“You are puzzled by this, but that is no excuse. I was clear about you spraying you buying, and yes, you will purchase me,” said Nadia.

“Ok, this is getting crazy, I’m leaving,” said Tad.

The body guards thought otherwise and blocked the door! Tad turned around in awe.

“What do you want me to do? How much do I have to pay to get out of here? It was an accident, I didn’t know what you meant! Honestly I didn’t! You are crazy, what do you want from me?! Ah,” said Tad upset and scared now.

“You will buy my body and you get to keep it too, nothing gets sprayed in my VIP room, nothing, and you couldn’t honor a simple request. You could have worn a condom, or spraying into your pants or something, but no you didn’t. I’m sick of men like you never listening to women. You think you all are high and mighty, and don’t listen to women just other men. We’ll see about that, put down another $500, that’s my price,” said Nadia infuriated.

“Just $500 for you? Wow, you don’t think you are worth much do you? If this is what it takes, then I’ll do it and be on my way,” said Tad.

He put down the $500, ready to leave, and Nadia touched his hand. Suddenly he was touching his own hand, with Nadia’s turquoise nailed fingers, as he felt the tremendous weight on his chest of her boobs! His entire body felt soft and curvy, as he felt the long dyed red hair and the hoop earrings tug at his hears now! He could even feel the rings dangle off his new vaginal lips and clit, letting him know instantly he had a vagina now! He was a quick thinker, and soon realized what she meant, he bought her body was keeping it now, it was now the body he had now. He was the stripper now, he was Nadia Knockers, and realized he had a body that many men have seen naked and probably been with. He was in shock, and even more so smelling his own cum and tasting it a bit, as he felt it dry on his new face!

Tad turned to a mirror in horror, and screamed, as he grabbed his new face, he was Nadia now!

Nadia in his body said, “You spray you buy and you keep! I said I didn’t want spray in here, and I meant it, and now with that body you won’t be spraying, at least not spraying semen that is! Also, I’m free of this stripper lifestyle, and I know you are rich, so I get a new life and a lot of money. I can deal with being a dude, and I hope you can deal with being a chick now, and a stripper, and having big huge boobies. They are nice, though, you have to admit, at least they did feel nice to me, probably I’ll miss them, but it’s a small price to pay. I hope you enjoy them, Tad, well Nadia now! Good news is, your shift is over, VIP is overtime, and you’re done dancing for the night. I would suggest you put in some vacation to get used to that body however, as I can understand a guy becoming a bust chick, especially a stripper, would be a lot to take in all at once. Speaking of taking in all at once, I’ve been known to deep throat cock pretty well, and even take two in my mouth at once, so you definitely have that going for you, and with that new sex drive, you’ll be begging for them. Who knows, maybe you’ll like being sprayed with cum more than I did, that was one thing I absolutely hated. I can taste it and swallow it, but no way do I like it splattered in me, at all! Well, you can deal with that now, toodles, NADIA KNOCKERS!”

Then away walked Tad’s old body and life, leaving him with her body and life, the life of a busty slutty stripper. Tad had to admit his new boobs did feel good from this angle. He was still in shock and horror though at what just happened. A tear rolled down his makeup covered face as he realized he would have a lot to adjust to in his new life, and he should have been more careful where he put his seed, or perhaps not even entered the VIP room to begin with!


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