Guest Room

“You must be Carl!” the large man said, “Your room is right down the hall to the left. There is a bathroom attached, I recommend you take a nice bath and relax before we meet for dinner.”
“Thanks,” I said as I walked to the room.
I was traveling and desperately needed a cheap place to stay the night. This man had put an ad on craigslist offering his spare bedroom for rent and, after a quick email, was more than happy to rent it to me for just the night—at a very competitive price too! The room itself was okay. I decided to take her up on her offer and went into the bathroom. It was nice, the bathtub was huge and already filled. I took off my clothes and hopped into the tub, overwhelmed by how nice the water felt on my skin. I could feel every bone and muscle in my body relax as I laid down in the tub.
The sensations I felt in that bathtub were unbearable. My skin was so soft, my hair so long, and my legs so warm. Was I wearing clothes, I wondered. I could feel a slight weight on my legs hugging me, almost like tights, and a much greater weight on my chest, kind of indescribable. A small moan escaped my puffy, glossy lips as I felt a heat build up inside of me. Everything inside of me felt off, but just right at the same time. I was so relaxed, so at peace.
The door swung open, revealing the man.
“Candice?” he said, looking at me with a smirk. I moaned back, lost in heat.
“You’ve got a client in an couple hours Candy, do you think you’ll make it that long?” he asked me.
I threw my body over the edge of the tub and reached for his zipper, revealing his long, hard cock.
“I guess that’s a no.”


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