New Zealand

I stood on my tip toes staring blankly at Hank. Except I wasnt on my tip toes, that’s just how it felt in the clear platform high heals I now wore. Earlier today I had been a young man, average I’d say. Now all I had on was underwear and these heals. But this wasn’t some dorm bet, I was actually wearing a bra and panties, and they fit perfectly. So I stood, knees straight, in the living room as Hank circled me.

“You certainly have some meat on you.” he said, taking my right ass cheek in his hand and kneeding it like clay.
“Hank, come on. Oi don’t know ow yew did this but please change me back.” my new zealand accented voice asked.

Hank had a party that night and invited a bunch of people. I didn’t know him that well so I was thrilled to go. The whole night people drank and had fun, me watching only slightly buzzed and nervous. When everybody left James was upset. He had probably taken one too many shots and wanted a companion, but when he looked around and saw that everyone had left but me, I guess he figured I would do.

I thought I should leave because I hadn’t drank much and Hank was seeming weird, but he wouldn’t let me, claiming I had to much to drink. I knew I hadn’t, but I decided to humor him for his sake. We hung out in his room while he paced around drunk deep in thought. I thought nothing of it, perhaps this was how he always was. He offered me a drink and I refused it politely.

“Are you okay?” I asked
“Definitely. What’s your favorite country?” He asked, finding a book on his shelf that he began to flip the pages on. It took me a minute to think, but New Zealand always came to mind when people asked that question. Something about the rolling green hills and climate allured me.
“I guess New Zealand.” I responded.
“Oh perfect. AKEM UOY AMELEF” He hollared in some strange language, placing two fingers on the page. Suddenly I heard flute music and my whole body felt a cool breeze. Soon the breeze subsided but my body was still cold, so I looked down and found that I had pale tits encased in a purple bikini.
“Woi ehm Oi-” I started to say before stopping from the sound of my high voice.
“A girl? Holy shit it worked!” Hank responded as I clutched my throat.
“Naur! Oi cahn’t be a gerl, oim a woman!” I said, trying to shake my high voice and becoming keenly aware of my new accent. “Woi am oi talking loik this?” I asked in a thick New Zealand accent.
“You’re a New Zealand girl, your favorite!” Hank said, looking at the spell he had just cast. “Hmm. And you hate your underwear.”

Immediately I realized underwear was all I was wearing! His spell made me hate it, so I quickly unhooked my bra, allowing two heavy breasts to fall from my chest, and I pulled my panties down and through them both across the room.
“Woi did oi just do that?” I asked, blushing from my own voice and accent “Please change me back!” I managed to squeak out. I stood butt naked except for a pair of heels in hanks room. My ass and tits stuck out because of the heals and my nipples were hard from the cold air.
“What ah yew going to do to me?” I asked, frightened for the worst.

“Easy, you’re going to take a seat…” He motioned for a seat near me and I sat down without question or realization, “You’re going to feel up your pussy and your tits.” He said, and I immediately followed instruction. When I felt my pussy I knew I was no longer a man, and when I felt my breast I understood how they felt for the man women whom breasts I’ve felt.
“Hank stop this!” I demanded, not yet cognizant of my slender, manicured fingers in my new vagina.
“And you don’t realize you’re doing it.”

I continued to energetically finger myself and massage my boob without knowing I was doing it.

“Please Hank, this isn’t fun!” I whined between pants I didn’t mean or hear. I don’t know what happened the rest of the night, but when I woke up I was on a bed with something in my mouth. I realized I couldn’t take it out. I moved and shifted in bed, feeling the fatty female body’s weight shift, I realized that I couldn’t take this thing out of me, and it was attached to something! I looked up and saw a man sleeping, but from a strange angle. I realized that was Hank, and the thing in my mouth was his soft dick! I found I wouldn’t be able to take it out until he woke up, got hard, and I swallowed his cum. I don’t know what Hank did to me, but when he woke up sober and clear minded I was still his girly new zealander slut slave, and i stayed that way for a long time after.


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