New member

“Let me go!” Henry shouted, trying to release himself. The girls giggled at his struggle. Henry couldn’t belive it. How a big man like him who works at the construction site could be kidnapped, stripped off his clothes and chained to a wall in some basement by a group of teenage girls.
“Don’t worry mister, it won’t hurt” One of the girls said. All of them aproached him, Henry tired one more but the chains were too strong. The girls took some lubricant and started to rub it into his body. “Stop it! Are you crazy!? What are you doing!?” Henry screamed and writhed.
His body was shrinking in size, He was losing his muscle mass rapidly and after a minute he became skinny and was about the same height as the girls. Henry looked in horror at his small body but nothing could prepare his for what was coming next. His chest started to expand forming two breasts, his waist and hips started to reshape, after a moment almost his whole body looked like that of a teenage girl. “Stop this madness” Henry pleaded. “I’m a man, i’m a man…” Henry repeated feeling his manhood shrinking. “I’m a… Girl? Yes i’m a girl” She said as the final change took place.

The girls smiled and relesed her. “How are you feeling Amanda?” Karen, a small blonde asked. “Great” Amanda exclaimed. Another girl, Melanie came in with some underwear and and a dress. Amanda put them on and checked herself in the mirror. She smiled seeing how pretty she looks. The girls took amanda from the basement into the living room, where a couple more girls were waiting. “Girls, this is Amanda, our new member” Karen announced. The girls came up to her, each one wanted to ask something. Amanda felt a little bit embarrassed being in the center of attention right now. She smiled hoping she will fit in with the girls.


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