New Expirences

Casey had been a pretty lonely guy. He’d visited all sorts of chat sites and dating sites looking for an opportunity to gain some more life experiences. Specifically, some sexual life experiences. Each time, he’d struck out, sometimes quite spectacularly.

Finally, a friend of Casey’s referred him to a lady named Anna. Anna was supposed something of an expert with “situations like Casey’s” and could help him out. Anna, supposedly, was a witch. Of course, like so many others, Casey didn’t believe a word. Anna promised him that she could help him. After the initial, conventional, attempt to get Casey laid failed Anna decided that things would be much easier if she tried something new. Of course, if anyone found out she could get in serious trouble for malusing her power.

With the aid of her friend Bogdan she prepared the spell. Then she lured Casey into the bedroom. they both stripped down and she proceeded to have some not especially good sex with him. That’s when the spell began kicking in. Casey felt waves of passion coursing through him, over and over and over again until he was oblivious to any changes. Then she began murmuring in the language of her people, watching as reality shifted around them.

Part of Casey must have realized something was up at the last minute. He began to turn, even as the last mental and physical changes occurred. Then Bogdan came, and the spell was sealed. It was going to be much easier to get this new Casey new experiences, that’s for sure Anna thought with a smile.


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