Coffee shop

I took another sip of my coffee, black with just a tint of sugar. Visiting the coffee shop after work helped me wind down. Just me, my coffee and a today´s newspaper.

Even though I was deep within my own thoughts whilst reading about the housing problems in the city I still heard the chair on the other side of the table being pulled out. I looked over the newspaper just to see an unfamiliar man sitting in front of me.

“Is it you that is Johanna?”, he asked with a white and dashing smile.

“Get lost and bother someone else”, I sneered at him.

“But you look like the one in the picture. Big and innocent eyes”.
I felt a tingle at my eyes. I brought up my hand to rub them. Something was different.

“And I can recognize those full lips anywhere”
Suddenly my lips fell all swollen. Bigger. Didn´t hurt though. I was getting pissed at the guy.
“Get lost or I will have the staff throw you out”.

“That´s no way for a lady to speak. You´ve always had a sweet, timid voice when we´ve spoked to each other”.
Fuck this. I want this annoying prick gone. “Can you kindly please leave?”. My voice sounded like a girls! And I could barely make my self heard over the rest of the murmur in the shop.
The man across of me seemed satisfied with the recent events.

He spoke again: “Your face is like that one of an angel. Your hair so long, thick and soft.
I could see something brown cascading past my shoulders and my face tingled fervently for a couple of seconds. What was happening?

With a voice that dripped with lust and excitement he said: “But what I`ve really come to remember you by is your fantastic athletic female body, with curves in all the right places, especially your breasts caught my attention being so big yet so firm”.
A tidal wave of changes swept over me. You know how it feels when a body part, like your arm, go to sleep and then you move it around slightly to wake it up? That feeling of a body part waking up, I felt it all over my body.

There I was sitting with something that looked like a very feminine body ( I could see the breasts poke out) under my male clothing from the office.
“You really look good in those heels, dress and revealing top”.
All my clothes disappeared and more form fitting ones appeared instantly.

With my now weak voice I snarled at him: “I will kick your behind so hard that you can´t sit down for a week for this!”.
That didn´t come out right? What I wanted to say was that something akin to ending his life in the most gruesome way I could come up with.

“How about our date for tonight then? I´ve got tickets to the theatre and reserved a seat at that restaurant you wanted to try”.
I dimly remembered something about that I wanted to try out the restaurant La Cardinal and their lobsters.

“After all, with your sexy and easy going personality I`m sure we will hit it off. I mean, you´ve always said that must be your soulmate. Don´t you remember, Katrina?”
I felt how my old self, my old memories was being washed away with a torrent of new memories and emotions.
“You´re right Marcus. I´ve just been a little cranky, that´s all. I´m really looking forward for what you have planned for tonight”.
“And if you are a good boy I might plan something special for us in my aparment afterwards”, I said and gave my future boyfriend a wink.


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