New dress

Grace slipped into her new dress, feeling it hug her chest tightly. She looked in the mirror at her cleavage and for an instant remembered wanting to touch those boobs like back when she’d been a guy. It aroused her and she reached up and gave them a playful squeeze. That she was still like this hadn’t exactly been the plan back when she’d first taken those nanites, but it had ended up being a lot better than she’d thought. She lifted up the dress and gave her crotch a quick peak. Hopefully his dress was long enough guys wouldn’t be able to look up it when she bent over. Not like it mattered, she was sure their eyes would be up top. That’s where her eyes would be, after all.

Looking for a job two years ago, the fact that it required a gender swap had been a bit of a barrier. Being the hostess at a super fancy restaurant kind of necessitated being female. They’d promised Greg he’d make back the money for the gender swap nanite treatment in a month, and they were right. The tips were insane. `Grace’ figured she’d keep the job for a year, tops, then once she had a nice nest egg saved up, quit, swap back, and find something else to do.

But the money had been really good. And her entire social life changed. Everyone was weird at first that Greg was a chick, but such things were becoming more and more common these days and they soon got over it. Grace even got treated like a girl by her friends and other people, ending up going to a lot more parties, and obviously getting a lot more romantic attention. Grace never would have thought she’d be attracted to guys, but she was wrong. Her sex life had never been better.

She looked in the mirror and gave her breasts one more squeeze. She was glad Adam wasn’t home. She wasn’t sure she’d be able to make it out the door in this thing if he was. The man was an animal. Maybe when she got home she’d let him tear it off her. It would be a waste of the dress, but man did the idea turn her on.

She could always buy another dress.


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