Trying a new face

Jacob got a new neighbor that liked to jog around the neighborhood in the morning on Saturdays, but this wasn’t just any new neighbor. It was a young hot one, since Jacob was a professional body hopper he thought that she would be nice to hop into because he’s been hopping into the same girls.

Next Saturday Jacob was waiting sitting on his chair early in the morning waiting to see if his neighbor was there. He walked outside sooner hearing jogging noises, he heard feet stomping on the ground. Jacob looked up seeing her jog to her porch steps. Now or a week later thought Jacob.

Jacob quickly ran into her neighbor doing the body hopper sign. He closed the door soon checking her memories because possession people or body hopper people can acces ther memories.
“Hannah enos, huh…what a nice name for a fucking hotty.” Said Jacob.

He checked out his curves and once he reached his boobs he gave it trades to aqueeze of all time, so hard that he fell down moaning. Jacob found her phone and wondered about something he took off his shirt and pulled down his sports bra showing 75% of her clevage, he looked for a mirror and took selfie on snapchat, he said #sendmedickphotosfornudes.

He said,
“Damn, I’m getting horny just looking at her, I bet I have to send a lot of nudes since this girl is so hot, I mean look at r fucking tits, I makes you drool, then then then the the squish booty.*jacob squished his butt several times giggling and drooling happily*
“Oh there’s my first dick, oh there 7 more, HOLY CRAP THERES 18 MORE, well I better get some towels because things aw about to get messy” said Jacob already stripping.


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