Necklaces of masculinity and femininity

Jenny lay in bed reading when she glanced over at her `husband’. She saw the look in his eyes, the hidden smile at the corners of his mouth, and of course, his red pussy between legs spread wide.

“Jeez…” Jenny said and closed her book, “Again?” Jenny knew she didn’t need to ask. She surprised herself. She’d have thought after all the fucking they’d already done today, her dick would have trouble getting hard again. It didn’t.

“Please.” Her husband said in a soft voice.

“Man… look at how big those things are…” Jenny said, staring at the breasts on her husbands chest. She never thought about them much when she had them, but now that she didn’t she had to admit there was something… magical about them.

Aside from the fact that they grew every time the two of them screwed, obviously. That was just the necklaces’ doing. One for him and one for her. Or rather, one for her and one for him. The necklaces were bound. One concentrated male energy, one concentrated female energy. Every time they had sex the things would activate, shifting them about.

First they’d kept it vanilla. Male for him, female for her. The first round had had some impact, neither of them were particularly naturally well endowed. It had quickly gotten old though as the returns started to diminished. Jenny’s tits only got so big, her boyfriend’s dick so large. Jenny had the idea to go out and take the necklace with her. Fucking some strangers to pump herself up, but the idea hadn’t sat well with her boyfriend.

It had been his idea to try switching the necklaces and see what happened. It had sure been something watching each other become more and more androgynous with each fuck. Then finally it happened. She suddenly had a tiny dick, and he a pussy.

It was wild for both of them. They’d been screwing virtually nonstop since they swapped genders. She was sure he had more `female energy’ than she had ever had considering the size of his boobs, and visa versa for her having much male energy and a large dick. They both loved the feeling after Jenny came, her dick parked inside her boyfriend as it grew larger. He’d feel it of course, but the two of them would watch as his boobs grew.

Of course, they were experiencing pretty diminishing returns. They’d fucked six times today and her dick had only grown maybe a quarter inch to 11 inches. That was all well and good, after all a truly monstrous dick wouldn’t even fit in anything fun, but her boyfriend’s breasts had barely grown at all today.

“I wanna see those titties grow more.” Jenny said, staring at them.

“Me too, hurry up and fuck me.” Her boyfriend replied.

“I think I’m all out of `female energy’ though”. Jenny replied.

“Every bit helps.” Her boyfriend replied and smirked, “Plus, you know, the sex is awesome.”

“It sure is.” Jenny cooed and moved closer, “I was thinking though, what if you took the necklaces and went out and screwed other guys?” Jenny asked. It seemed like so long ago when she’d proposed the idea for herself. “You’re probably all out of male energy, but every guy’s got a bit of female energy in him, right?”

“Hmm…” Her boyfriend replied, clearly more interested in the idea now that it would be his own tits getting larger, and his own pussy getting fucked. “Ok, I’ll do it!”

Hours later Jenny got a frantic call from a sobbing boyfriend. He gave her an address and asked to be picked up, refusing to explain more on the phone. Jenny rushed to the sleezy motel on the far side of town. She rushed to the room she’d been told to go to and was shocked by what she saw. The same girl’s face she’d know her boyfriend to have, now on a body pinned beneath tits the size of beanbag chairs, and covered with cum. Absent from his neck, was the necklace.

Jenny had to help her boyfriend walk his tits were so big. He explained what had happened. Fucking a guy hadn’t done much. He wondered if it would work if he lezzed out though. Well, it did. Unfortunately, the woman rather liked being a man, and had some friends who she thought might like it similarly. So three woman had completely drained their femininity into him. It had been pretty awesome actually, right up until the former women all decided they wanted to keep the necklaces for themselves.

Which meant Jenny was stuck as a man, and her boyfriend was stuck as an impossibly large chested woman. If it wasn’t for the fact that those boobs were giving her the biggest boner ever, Jenny would have been terrified. At least they could still have sex. After all, that was pretty much all her boyfriend was good for now.


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