Mouse of a man.

Jessie found out pretty quickly after the great shift left him in a woman’s body that it had altered a lot more than just his body.

Before the great shift he was a mouse of a man shy and retiring somebody who would blend in with the wallpaper.

He was never brave or bold enough to do anything daring he was happy living in his own little bubble and told himself that he wanted nothing to do with the fairer sex as they were just a distraction.

But there was just something in powering about his new female body.

He started sticking up for himself no longer letting people walk over him like a doormat.

He gained so much confidence that he was the one asking the men out sick and tired of waiting for somebody to pluck up the courage.

That was almost 3 years ago and there was no trace of his old nerdy self left he had embraced his new identity wholeheartedly and was now a proud independent woman thanks to the great shift and just smiled as he walk down the road to work as a couple of builders whistled at him.


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