Liam flipped his ponytail in delight when found his sister’s underwear drawer. “Oh my, Sis, you had this? Naughty girl,” he giggled as he discovered a satin red bra. “Well, my two ‘little Melodies,’ let’s give this one a try, shall we?”

He hadn’t chosen this, but since life had thrown him this punch, he would roll with it. It was Melody’s fault for masturbating in broad daylight in the living room, after all: Liam had simply forgotten his phone and popped back into the house to grab it. “Liam?!” she’d squealed, guiltily pulling out her sopping wet fingers. That last movement probably triggered her orgasm. “Oh Liam, I was just…uh…mmh mm, mmmmmm!” Melody had moaned, arching her back and rolling on the couch.

Next thing Liam knew he was writhing on the couch with wet fingers and his…well, Mel’s cunt. He heard her hoarsely scream in his old voice. They would find out later that this anomaly called the FOSE had swapped them at the moment of when she’d climaxed and seen him walk in. The government report hadn’t yet made it clear if swapping back was possible.

“No point in dwelling on what can’t be changed,” Liam said, humming to himself as he felt the new satin red bra hug his chest and twirled in the mirror. “I’m Melody now, and this is my room. I can do anything I…wait a sec, what is this?!” he exclaimed, finding the drawer’s secret compartment. It was filled with dildos in all colors and strap-ons and sex toys that he’d never imagined existed. “Oh my,” Liam said in astonishment, covering his mouth with his delicate hand.

“You really were one naughty girl, Sister. I mean Brother. Oh what the heck, I’ll confront you about this later. For now, let’s just have some fun,” he said, picking up a vibrator. “I’ll start with you.”


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