Karma is a bitch, but not as much of a bitch as an

Col. Joshua John Ward was a very wealthy slave owner in the south before, and during the civil war. Nearing the end of the war, he stashed a magical lamp, that had granted him wishes of wealth and fortune, not knowing what would happen to it when the war ended. After the war had ended, he was in the top ranks of the KKK, and he spread rumors that through this lamp, the South could rise to power again, but the land was seized from him by the government at the end of the war.

3 Generations later, Tom Ward was the head of the KKK, and he was determined to bring the south back to its previous glory. He returned to his great grandfathers old house, determined to find the lamp, and he did, stashed under the fireplace in the slaves quarters.

When he picked up the lamp, a genie appeared, and promised to grant him 3 wishes.
“Genie of the lamp, I wish My great Grandfather was here and could run his old plantation, And I Wish that no one could stop slavery, not now, not ever, and finally, I Wish that anyone associated with slavery would live forever, so even if there is a war, we would win no matter what,” Tom pleaded.

The Genie, knowing full and well what it was like to be enslaved , decided to play and evil trick on Tom, in a puff of smoke, the genie was gone, and there Tom stood. But he was not alone , His great grandfather looked at him as though he were looking at a piece of meat, and the slave quarters was well furnished, he knew that his wishes had worked but suddenly, he felt his great grandfather turn him around bending him over, and proceeded to fuck him, and it hurt, his great grandfather was not a gentle man.

Tom was extremely confused, but realized as he was being screwed (literally and figuratively) that his skin was much darker, and he had breasts. When Tom tried to talk to his great grandfather and tell him who he really was, he realized he could only speak in ebonics, a less educated form of english, and he could no longer read! Just for speaking out against his master, he was passed around to every white on the plantation. It was then he realized he was trapped like this forever, remembering his last wish, he hated himself for wishing it, he hated himself for being black, he hated himself for being a woman, and above all, he hated himself for wishing himself out of a society in which he was well respected, and into a world where he was truly just property.

He had hopes of escape, but realized that the hopes were impossible given that the time hadn’t changed, it was still 2016, which meant any hopes of escaping were marred by armed guards, electric fences, and every slave had a security chip now, so he was screwed FOREVER.


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