My little man

“Feeling ‘different’ little man?” Aileen snarled “You used to be so big and tall, ‘Mr.Football star’ but those days are long behind you now” I’m frozen. Terrified. My eye line drops from her chin, to her breasts to her navel. Dread begins to consume me and I peer up at this amazon woman before me. I’d been unfaithful thats true, but thats no grounds for this.”Please babe, I’m sorry I’ll do anything! Just bring me back to normal size” I plead, my voice has lost most of its bass “Babe? We are bold aren’t we? Having the nerve to call me ‘babe'” Aileen chuckles and bites her finger. “No, I don’t think that ‘babe’ is an appropriate name for me. For you on the other hand” Aileen takes her shirt off and plays with the waistband of her tights “I think that baby fits just about right” The shrinking stops, I stand up to Aileen’s knee, shivering in a pile of my old clothes. “Now here’s what is going to happen Roger, you’re going to be my little dear, and do everything I say.”My eyes widen and I sprint away. I reach the end of the bedroom and jump furiously for the door handle but I can’t reach it! Aileen scoops me up and leans me against her hip. I glance around the room and notice pictures starting to change. A photo of Aileen and I at our college graduation morphed into a picture of a young mother and her baby, the baby is wearing a shirt that says ‘congrats Mommy'”You’re going to do everything I say, if you do then you’ll get the gift of growing up again as a little boy, with me as your lovely mother.” She bounces me lightly my eyes saucers “and if you don’t…” she points at my hair and suddenly my eyes are covered in blonde hair “lets just say that I’ve always wanted a daughter” She laughs “Now, is Mommy’s little man hungry?” I shake my head that I am not but before I can react my mouth is clasped to her nipple My memory of being an adult start to fade, still there, but like a dream. I manage to lift my head up to tell her I don’t want this but I realize that I can’t speak, only babbling. “Oh that is so cute! Rachel is trying to talk to Mommy!” I gasp and Aileen whispers in my ears “or maybe Mommy wants a little girl anyways”


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