VR Vacation

Lisa watched her cock sink into her husband Steve again and again. She was loving the feeling of having a cock. The power. The pleasure. The desire to fill her husband was so intense it was all she could do not to cum inside him. The VR Vacation Agent had suggested they try the Opposite Gender Trip where they would become the opposite gender of themselves while they were on vacation. When they had materialized that is what had happened. Steve was a beautiful woman, Lisa a handsome man. The two took their time getting used to their new bodies and roles. After a week of being together, the two were feeling the pull of their love for each other and began to explore each other finding that they enjoyed each other just as much. Lisa continued to sink herself into Steve’s sexy body. She watched as he had his second climax. Lisa couldn’t help but enjoy the look of Steve now… how sexy… She .. was. How powerful.. He… was feeling. How he liked being the husband. How he liked having Stevie as his wife and if she was loving being his Wife? Liam could feel his climax building… and that was it… after he filled Stevie one more time, they were going to book another week here and explore their new found roles. Maybe she will even want to try the pregnancy option? That thought made Liam cum and he filled his wife as she climaxed again around his cock…… perfect!


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