Prom Swap!!

It was one week before prom and Alyssa was so excited for her and her boyfriend Ryan. Alyssa was in her room getting ready when she saw a magic coin on her desk. “I don’t remember having this own my desk?” Alyssa picks up the coin and suddenly she got very sleepy and passed. Alyssa woke up but noticed she was at a different place. “Ugh why am I not in my room and why am I bigger or hairier?” Alyssa goes into the bathroom and sees the reflection of your boyfriend Ryan. “Agh!! How am I in Ryan’s body?” Alyssa then hears a phone ring and it is Ryan calling. “Ugh hello?” “Hello Alyssa is that you?” “Yes it is are you in my body?!” “Yeah how is this possible Alyssa?!” “Hey I’m coming over.” After a few minutes Alyssa hears Ryan’s doorbell ring and she answers it. There she sees Ryan in her body. “Hey Alyssa good to see ugh me.” “Ryan what are we going to do? Prom is in a week!” Forget about prom worry about the rest of our lives!” yelled Ryan. “Hmm… wait a sec look at the coin.” They look at the coin and it says in 7 seven hold coin again and you’ll swap back. “Hey well that’s a good thing but will be stuck like this for prom.”,said Ryan. “Hmm… Ryan this might be fun after all?” “Why do you say that Alyssa?” “I’ve never been a a boy and you’ve never been a girl.” “So?” “Come on it’ll be fun trust me.”, said Alyssa. “Ok ok Alyssa will try it.” A week goes by and Ryan and Alyssa both learned on how to act like the opposites sex. As the more they were each other the more they liked it. Alyssa knocks on the door to pick up Ryan. Oh hey Alyssa you look handsome.” “Thanks Ryan! You look beautiful.Ready to go?” “Yeah but there’s one thing my coin was lighting up so I think it means we can swap back.” ‘Oh ugh that’s great.”, said Alyssa disappointed. “Whats wrong Alyssa?” “I kind of liked being a boy haha, to be honest I didnt like being a girl I liked being manly, strong, and handsome.” “Really I feel the same way!! I love being a girl!!” “Ryan can we stay like this forever?” Ryan looks at the coin and throws it in the bushes. “Of course!!” Ryan and Alyssa shared a passionate kiss. This going to be the best prom ever!


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