My Birthday Wish

It was my birthday finally and everyone was gathered around the table. I couldn’t wait to eat the cake because it was my favorite ice cream cake. As everyone sung to me ‘Happy Birthday’ I realized to had to make a wish. It always puzzled me each year what I wanted and the answer always surprised me because it makes me think of what I truly want. One cannot waste a birthday wish after all. Finally, it came to me. I closed my eyes and blew out the candles. I heard clapping and everyone talking but I felt my senses dulling and my perception changing. I knew immediately something was wrong, I felt so…. feminine. A million thoughts rushed though my mind as I noticed everyone starting to realize something was off about it. A warm numbness settled in my stomach and groin, slowly filling my body. Then it came to me, my innocent wish came true. I didn’t think it could actually happen but I was becoming a woman.

I had no idea that it would immediately begin to change my gender but I had no time to worry about that. It was too late, almost everyone was looking at me as I clenched my stomach. “What’s going on?”
“Are you okay?”
I heard everyone begin to cause a commotion around the table, and that’s when I knew there was no turning back. My face began to get very hot and I could feel it puff up. The warmness crawled up to my upper body consuming my chest. My face turned red with embarrassment as I prepared for what was about to happen. I didn’t want to face it but it felt as if my pecs were about to burst. With a sudden gasp I looked down in time to see small breasts press against the shirt and two large nipples protrude out on top. Everyone gasped as they saw them immediately begin to fill and grow larger. They were almost the size of my mom’s by the time I realized I needed to get out of there before I was consumed completely. I reach up my significantly smaller forearm and pressed it against my swollen, sensitive nipples. This caused me to lose control of the warmness as it filled my entire body. I stood from my chair and turned to run to the bathroom. As if the universe was playing a sick joke on me, I felt my lower body quiver as my spinal column shifted and my ass jutted out behind me. My growing tits pulled on my chest and on my back as my thighs and ass rapidly expanded.

By this point everyone was pointing and screaming at me as I struggled to keep my clothes on and made my way to the bathroom. Tears rolled down my feminine cheeks as I felt my face soften and lips expand. I screamed as hair tickled the back of my neck as it slowly grew out to my shoulders. I couldn’t handle this mentally, I was changing into a woman, a very voluptuous woman. My body completely changed and continued transforming into a sexually mature girl for my age. I reluctantly pulled my shirt off and gasped as my heavy breasts bounced into place and sat there completely flawless. I grasped them as a soft new sound came from inside me. It shook me to my core. I realized I sounded and looked like a girl, well almost. Suddenly my groin couldn’t contain the numb warmness anymore. I felt a wave of hormones hit me all at once, I struggled to get my shorts off around my huge hips but they dropped just in time for me to watch my shrinking dick fold into my body and change into a tight pussy. I moaned like a girl climaxing, this new feeling was indescribable as pussy got wetter and I realized I was completely a woman. My body shook with pleasure as the hormones overwhelmed me and I felt my entire mind begin to warp. I looked down at my throbbing breasts and brought my small hands up to the hair that was in my face.

Just then, my friend Dave texted me wishing me happy birthday. I guess I better show him the new me.


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