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My Birthday Wish

It was my birthday finally and everyone was gathered around the table. I couldn’t wait to eat the cake because it was my favorite ice cream cake. As everyone sung to me ‘Happy Birthday’ I realized to had to make a wish. It always puzzled me each year what I wanted and the answer always surprised me because it makes me think of what I truly want. One cannot waste a birthday wish after all. Finally, it came to me. I closed my eyes and blew out the candles. I heard clapping and everyone talking but I felt my senses dulling and my perception changing. I knew immediately something was wrong, I felt so…. feminine. A million thoughts rushed though my mind as I noticed everyone starting to realize something was off about it. A warm numbness settled in my stomach and groin, slowly filling my body. Then it came to me, my innocent wish came true. I didn’t think it could actually happen but I was becoming a woman. Read more