Don’t fuck with the trans community

I learned the hard way that if you fuck with the trans community, you may get fucked.

You see, my name was Pat McCrory, and I was governor of North Carolina. That is until I passed a law banning trans people from using the correct bathrooms in my state.

This strange guy dressed like a bathrobed wizard showed up a few days later, said he was from Spells R Us. I laughed him off.

“You see, I’m a friend of the trans community, and I’ve come to give you proper pay back for what you’ve done” he had told me. He waved a wand at me, and then disappeared. I laughed him off and got back to work.

My intern came in an hour later. “Patti, you ready to head home, our tour of the Capitol building is over.” I knew something was wrong, I noticed that my body was completely different. I was a woman. I wanted to be shocked, but I couldn’t be- my body almost felt out of control, and slowly my mind felt a change- even though I still had my old memories- I was happy to be a woman.

That night, and every day since, my boyfriend and his huge dick has fucked me multiple times a day. I only want to be submissive to him, to be his bride, and to have his babies.

I saw the wizard on the street one day, he just stared and laughed. I suppose I learned my lesson, and I’ve gotten fucked many times because of what I did.


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