More than just rolling with it

When Tom’s roommate Joe found that spell which let promised to swap the gender of the caster, Tom didn’t think it was that weird that Joe cast it. After all, it was a chance to have all the access to tits and a pussy you wanted. Of course, the spell could only be cast once a month during a full moon, so Joe was gonna be a chick for awhile. Joe said he was curious and just wanted to roll with it.

The first few days Joe spent a lot of time in his room with the door closed or lounging about in oversized t-shirts. Joe ordered some clothes online, he said, and Tom thought that made sense. Joe was just rolling with his little experiment. Once the clothes arrived, Tom was grateful, he was getting kind of tired of getting turned on by seeing his roommate’s ass everytime he bent over. But then wearing Joe’s old male clothes hadn’t been a choice really, Joe was just rolling with it.

Joe went out and bought more clothes, the clothes he bought online didn’t fit very well. Tom came home to find Joe in a skirt and lowcut blouse watching TV, almost looking like the woman he now was. A few days later Tom realized Joe had gotten his ears pierced. Joe said he was just having fun and rolling with it.

Joe wanted to go out one night, and so it was Tom’s turn to roll with it. Even with a guy by her side, creeps still came up to Joe and hit on her. She used it to her advantage and got them both a bunch of free drinks in exchange for flirting back a bit. Again, Joe was just rolling with it.

After a few of those drinks the conversation turned to what it would be like to be kissed as a girl. Suitably intoxicated, Tom and Joe kissed. They were just rolling with it. It had been a long time since either of them had gotten laid, so naturally the kissing evolved to include some very heavy petting from both of them. When the bartender told them to get a room and kicked them out for making a scene, they left. They didn’t get far though, and ended up fucking in an alley behind the bar. They both agreed it didn’t mean anything as they walked home, and they both admitted they’d enjoyed it. They’d just been rolling with it.

The next day was rough for Tom. Between the hangover and a bad day at work, he came home exhausted. Joe said he was horny and wanted to screw again, but Tom said he was just too tired. Without warning Joe said he could get Tom in the mood and knelt on the floor in front of him, pulled out his cock, and started sucking. It felt too good to argue with. Besides, Joe was just rolling with it, right?

It did work, and when Tom was ready he said so. Joe just held up a finger to indicate to wait and kept going. Joe was just getting a little carried away. That was still just rolling with it, right?

Tom knew he couldn’t take much more and warned Joe. Joe didn’t stop. Tom’s warnings became more frantic until finally he told Joe he was cumming. Joe pulled back at the last instant and shouted for it on his face and Tom delivered.

Tom looked down at the panting girl on her knees before him, smiling and looking up at him covered in his cum. Asking for a facial was definitely more than just rolling with it.

Tom realized he had a hot slutty fuck buddy roommate, who didn’t look like she had any interest in turning back into a man. Tom could more than just roll with that.


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