Great Shift on Shift

Gary was afraid of flying in planes and never had flown in one before. Then the Great Shift hit one afternoon, and he was up in a plane! If this wasn’t shock enough, he was now in the body of Juanita Fuentes, latina flight attendant on an airliner.

He freaked out at the flying part right away, and the not having a penis part shortly thereafter! He took a seat in the airline, as others were in chaos from shifting as well, to check the goods. It didn’t take much to get to his new crotch as he had very short black skirt on. With his dainty brand new fingers, he touched the now flat area he had, lace bikini panties under sparkly toast colored sheer to waist pantyhose! As he was licking his new fuller lips, tasting the ruby red lip gloss now adorning them, his fingers caught the new clit he had, and a wave of pleasure erupted within!

He was sensitive down there, and they way he was feeling now, he thought the body he was in must not have been laid in awhile! He was right, Juanita had been divorced for six months and with her new job as flight attendant, hadn’t had the time to find a new man. Gary in her body, despite the shock, would soon have to find one, as he, now SHE was super horny and couldn’t control herself.

She found another woman, who looked stunned pawing at her crotch, and found out she was the pilot! She escorted the new stunned woman to the cockpit, where she was able to take the controls from the five year old in the pilot’s body, a little boy named Oliver.

Gary, now saving the day, couldn’t hold it any longer, and ripped open her hose, pushing aside the panties, and unzipping the first big man she found with a bulge. The man she found was stunned, but enjoying the flight attendant riding his control stick!

Nine months later, and the new Juanita had triplets with that big man, whom was the not shifted Paul Jones, billionaire businessman. The shortly thereafter, married Mrs. Juanita Jones, being a rich wife, hired a few nannies to take care of their triplets, as the couple flew to different countries to fuck in them! Juanita got over her fear of flying quickly, and never even had a fear of fucking as a woman apparently!


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