More colours than Crayola.

Scott sat there in his mother’s bedroom surrounded by his brother stories the only one in the family to be affected by the great shift.

Sitting there in a tight salmon and black dress hair wrapped in a towel getting ready to go on his first date since his transformation.

Looking through his make-up bag wondering which foundation blush eyeliner or lipstick to use still not fully confident in doing his own hair and make-up but his mother said he had to learn.

He was the only one in his family affected by the great shift.

He went from being a typical 15 year old boy to a 18 year old girl.

He could not believe that he had just started getting really interested in girls and now he was one himself & the first few weeks after his transformation was spent exploring his new body.

Like any normal teenage boy he could not get enough of playing with himself but that all changed when he got his first visit from mother nature which sent him to his mother in tears for advice and that’s when it started to sink he was now a member of the female race for the rest of his life

He tried his best to start dressing more feminine & going on girly days out with his mother or just having his hair and nails done but at first his male brain rejected it but his female body accepted it and before he knew it he was turning into a young lady.


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