`Know that I know’

“Are you going to finish soon? I came like five minutes ago.” The girl said as Brandon pounded away in her.

Brandon huffed and kept on, trying as hard as he could to pass the point of no return. This is what he got for masturbating too much. Fucking a hot chick and she was complaining he was taking too long. It was weird. Then it was weird in a lot of other ways too.

“At least rub my clit like you were doing before. That felt so good.” She said and laughed, her tits shaking violently with each thrust.

“Shut up.” Brandon huffed. She did feel incredible. So warm and tight and wet. He just needed to focus. To think about that part and not anything else.

She rolled her eyes, “This isn’t enough for you?” She asked and cupped her tits, “How about I talk dirty for you? I’m your little slut. Fuck me! Fuck your little slut!”

It actually was kind of doing it for Brandon. He did like imagining her as his little slut. It was his idea damn it, it was no fair she was enjoying it more than him! He had to show her he was the one who was in control. An idea formed in his head and he smirked. She smirked back at him, imagining her sexy talk was working.

“Oh yeah baby yeah! OHHH!” She said in an even higher pitched, slightly nasal voice, “EEEEee! Fuck me with your big cock! OH YES! YES! YES!” She moaned overtly.

Again, it actually was kind of doing it for him. Brandon’s mind knew she was faking, he was pretty sure she’d been moaning for real a few minutes ago and she didn’t sound anything like the bimbo she was pretending to be now. His body though, well it liked to hear a woman moan while his dick was getting squeezed, even if the two weren’t related in reality. He felt himself crossing the point of no return.

“I said-” He began and pulled out of her, sliding up so his dick was over her belly and pumping it furiously, “shut-” He readed down and grabbed her head, lifting it up as she let out another fake moan, “UP!” He groaned and squirted all over her face, her mouth still open though the fake moaning had stopped. He stared into her eyes as she looked up at him and was splattered with his cum.

They lay there in that pose for awhile in silence, both of them breathing heavily. Her tongue hung out of her mouth, globs of his cum sitting on it. Finally she closed her mouth and swallowed. Then smiled.

“I know why you picked me to `test’ your little ray gun out.” She began, “You thought to yourself, `Joe’s an open minded sort and always horny. Joe once said if he were a chick he’d really slut it up. I’ll just zap Joe and poof, slut.’ ” She said.

“Yeah, and?” Brandon said, looking down at Joe’s sexy cum spattered face and tits. Seemed like it had worked to him.

“Oh, nothing. I just wanted to make sure you knew that I knew.” She said, “I can tell from the amount you blew I was a good lay. Want to slide up and stick that thing in my mouth? I bet I’ll be good at blow jobs too.”

Not needing anymore direction, Brandon slid forward and pressed his dick into her mouth. Sure it ended the closest thing to a conversation that’d had since he’d turned Joe into a girl, Joe started playing with his new boobs, then invited him to join her, but her mouth felt as good as her pussy. She moaned and Brandon couldn’t tell if it was fake or not. In his mind he formed an idea for a little deception of his own. He’d tell her the gun broke and she was stuck for awhile.

He wondered if she’d be upset at all.


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