Molly’s Exciting Mornings Part 3

I sat up in my bed, thinking about the past week. That’s how long it had been since I had accidentally given my sister Andi both my and my other sister, Cindy’s, breasts. I had looked through the spell book several times since then, but just couldn’t find a perfect spell to get my own tits back, without having to steal someone else’s. Andi and I had talked a few times through the past week, and somehow she was loving every moment of having her new huge J-cup tits. From what she said, Cindy had also gotten used to her new no-cup tits.
I looked down at my own chest and saw a similar sight to what my sister did. My nipples were barely even perky, sitting on my completely flat chest. The difference between Cindy’s and my bodies, however, was down below.
I threw the covers off the rest of my body and swung off my bed, landing looking at the mirror on my wall. There it was. While I may have no breasts to show up top, I at least have a nice ass to show down below. I walked away from the mirror, feeling my ass wobble slightly as I did so. My breasts may not shake anymore, but boy did I love the feeling of my ass shaking with the sway of my equally large hips. It was comforting in some strange way.
I knelt down and pulled the spell book out of a box in the bottom of my closet. I think Alexa might be catching on to me having found it, so I had to make sure it stayed hidden. I opened the dusty cover, and paged through it once again. There were plenty of spells for stealing breasts (and other parts) from other people, but nothing about just growing my own.
After reading a long list of different spells I decided I’d have to think on them a bit. Maybe I would have to steal somebody’s breast mass for my own, much as I didn’t want to…


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