Missing it

“Oh God, It’s happening! It’s finally happening”, Sven thought the moment he feeled cum splashing against his inner walls. The stranger didn’t warn him, so she could have hop off. No he came inside which means Sven will be Sophie for life, forever.Deep inside he always knew it would happen one day. He has risked it so many times, that it was a miracle it didn’t happened earlier. So even though Sven was always afraid of this happening, she took the change quite well. Sold his old self’s clothes, got a new job and moved into a new apartment. And of course she still enjoyed a good pounding every weekend like before.But still one thing Sophie was missing from his old life. And it wasn’t his family and friends or something like that. It was the thrill itself; the thrill he was feeling every time he was under the spell, getting pounded, risking his manhood. And also the relief when he didn’t was quite enjoyable.But these times were over now. They would never come back. Sophie had to live with that and knew she had to find new kinks. But before she would do that she shared her story on the internet, published the spell online, trying to reach other like Sven – Others who can still enjoy playing this game – and encourage them to risk it.


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