Why’d you do that!?

“Oooh, man! I gotta say, your step-sister’s body is just so hot. Just being in her is making me all hot and bothered.” Jim said, using Christine’s sweet voice.”Dude! Why!? Why my step-sister of all people!? C’mon. At least choose Jessica or someone. One of those hot girls from school.””No, but you don’t understand. Christine is the hottest one there. And now, I’m going to have some fun times in her sweet, sexy, little body.” he said as he took off her top and exposed her big breasts right in front of me.I’ll admit, it was turning me on a little bit too. I know I shouldn’t be feeling this, but I was. I couldn’t explain it.”If you’re a good boy…” he said to me, “‘I might even let you touch them.”


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