Mishap at the pool

Charles, who was in his wife Kathleen’s body, stood in the pool, while she in his former body sat there crying and blubbering. Naked and with his his wife’s huge breasts cradled in his arms, he tried to take in what he was hearing.

“So what you’re telling me is that the Medallion is LOST?” he said incredulously.

“I’m so sorry,” Kathleen sobbed, “I don’t know how or when it happened! It was in the pocket of my swim trunks, and when I saw you get naked in the pool I got all hard and excited and took them off so I could join you. The Medallion isn’t in the pocket anymore! I’m afraid it might’ve rolled into a gutter or drain and vanished! Oh, please say it isn’t so. Please help me search for it! Otherwise, we’re stuck!”

Charles sighed heavily. He’d been afraid something like this might happen. When his wife got all kinky and showed him the Medallion, he warned her that magic had to be taken seriously, otherwise there were consequences. She’d promised to keep the item with her at all times. After a fruitless search all over the pool, Charles was afraid his wife was right: it was gone. They’d played with fire and gotten burnt. He now had to carry the weight of these tits for the rest of his days. Might as well start by calling herself Kathleen, they were now HER tits. And the new Charles had better stop weeping and man up.

Shortly afterwards, they cried again together and had makeup sex. Kathleen was pregnant soon afterwards; her tits and his belly were only going to get bigger in the near future.


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