Fap material

Frank’s phone buzzed and chirped he picked it up and saw “incoming video call from Martin” and let out a long sigh. He pointed the camera at himself and tapped the accept button.

“Hey Frank!” The gorgeous blond on the screen answered. Frank resisted the urge to drool over her boobs.

“Hey Marti” Frank said.

“What do you think of this top? I’ve got a shoot in twenty minutes.” Marti asked.

Frank glanced down on the screen, feeling his dick strain against his pants. Thankfully Marti couldn’t see that part, “Looks good.” He said calmly.

Marti pouted, “You don’t think it’s a little tame? A little boring? Would you want to rip this off a girl and ravish her?”

Frank swallowed, “Umm… yeah…”

Marti sighed and tugged at one of the straps of her top, “I dunno, it’s just so weird having these. I mean, they’re still awesome, I get that, but ever since Madame Grottiere got mad at me and turned me into a girl for not being able to stock women’s bra sizes correctly I just don’t lust after them like I used to.”

“Something about not having a penis maybe.” Frank said and shrugged. He had warned Martin not to take the job as a stock boy in a boutique lingerie store. Of course, Frank had just assumed Martin would get called a pervert. Not that he’d be given his own pair of boobs to cart around. Or that he’d have to model them.

“I guess. Look, I’m really sorry to bug you about this, I just needed a second opinion. Thanks, I’ll send you some picks for you to jerk off to.” She said and winked.

Frank’s eyes again glanced down and he realized his free hand was in fact rubbing his crotch. He stopped immediately, “I told you I don’t do that.”

Marti pouted, “That’s very disappointing. I mean sure this is technically for advertisements, but if I’m not sexy enough for you to jerk off to, well, it makes me think the ads will be a failure.”

“No, trust me, it’s not that…”

“Oh, good! Well, happy fapping then!” She said and the screen blinked off. A few minutes later his phone chirped again and a stream of pictures of Marti in different poses came in.

Frank pulled out his dick and started rubbing it. He really needed to stop lying to Marti.


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