Mirror Shift

Henry went an American male driving a car, to a European female riding in a car after making a passing wish to see another country and have a fresh start in life. He went from thoughts of being blown by a girl from the bar, to blowing a man from the pub. He went from touch skin to soft, rock hard pectorals to soft plush breasts, outdoor plumbing to indoor, short hair to long, narrow hips to wide, flat ass to fat ass, and thin lips to chick lips, of which he was now puckering thinking about blowing whomever was coming back to this car he was now a passenger in if that driver was a man. As an added bonus, he loved the way the tan shimmery luxurious pantyhose felt on his long smooth sexy legs, thinking those European women really knew how to dress sexy. Topping them off with cute shorts, and four inch black shiny pumps, he or now she was one hot dressed Euro-chick. Now for that blowjob, to make her debut as sexy babe.


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