Melon to Melons

Ted was in the store, so he just smiled it off when his girlfriend used her magic to give Ted “melons” once he picked up a melon. His new tight shirt was up over them so show him what he had now, and he pulled the shirt back down smiling, realizing his mischief girlfriend Mandy had turned him into a chick. The long hair, and the empty crotch along with the “melons” gave it away. Ted tried to keep his composure in public however.

Miss Mandy said, “What Ted, you think that’s funny? Now you can laugh at what I’m about to say next. Not only do you have your own melons, but you’re a chick now too, as you probably well know, and I might as well break it to you, I did this for you cheating with all those blondes. Now you’re a blonde, and you’re going to be sucking and fucking from now on, I told all your friends there’s a new escort in town named Tamara, she is offering a free group session. You refuse and you’ll be fucked, I’ll turn you into a bug and crush you under my heel. I think you would much rather be wearing the heels you have on now, than be crushed by heels. You will do everything they say or you’ll be changed. If I see you resist, squash!”

The new Tamara dropped the melon, “WHAT THE FUCK?! SUCKING AND FUCKING ARE YOU SERIOUS?!”

“GET WITH YOUR FRIENDS OR YOU’RE GOING TO DIE,” said Mandy dead serious as her eyes glowed red at the store.

The inexperienced Tamara, started tapping the cocks at their house, reluctant and resistant, with her girlfriend watching her with glowing red eyes as she looked back at her.

“What are you waiting for, you better get sucking, baby,” said Mandy.

Tamara was watery in her eyes as she took the first buddy into her mouth, realizing if she didn’t she would be killed as a bug. She couldn’t believe she was turned into a chick and forced to be a slut, but what choice did she have? Sucking one buddy while grasping two others, she realized she knew now what it felt like for the girls in the porn videos, surrounded by dick. She realized she was paying for all of her cheating with hot blondes as well, now she was the hot blonde, acting as slutty as all the ones she had been with as a guy. Only the most hurtful thing was, despite being a chick, she still wasn’t attracted to men, and reluctantly had to do all these dudes, her own buddies, disgusted and sickened by her actions but helpless to resist with the impending threat of death over her pretty little head.


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