Bodyhopper – On to him

The soft murmur died down when the captain entered the stations briefing room.

“What you see here is the last known picture of Casey Williams before her disappearance at a rock concert”
“The time stamp on her uploaded picture corresponds well to the time her friends believe she went missing”
“Our best lead is the man behind her. We have not identified him yet but we have sent out flyers to all establishments in the vicinity. He is not a suspect, yet, but he do want to question him”
“Instructions have been handed out to each and one of you on how to proceed with the investigation”.
“Good luck”


“Fuck fuck fuck!”, the body of Casey cursed.
“This broad posted her damned picture on social media right before I managed to hop her”
“Fucking hell. I`ll need to stay undercover for months thanks until this has cooled down”.
“It´s not like I can waltz right back home to her parents and….and…………hmmm.”
“I do have her memories, and I do not have to disappear with my mount like I use to”
“I just need to dig into her memories and apply her personality on me. In the mean time the cops will drop their investigation on my real body during the period I live her life”

She cleared her throat. “It´s time for me, Casey Williams, to go home to ´mom´and ´dad´ after I ran away to find myself. They must be worried sick for me. And the guy in the picture? He was a guy that justed messed up my photo”


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