Megan Love Dixon Part 6

Barry Shagwell made himself at home and Randy and Megan’s house, he was Randy’s cousin. He was taking a bath, when Megan accidentally walked in on him, thinking of a long hot bath herself. She was about to leave, when Barry ran his mouth.

“So Miss Love Dixon, you don’t have to leave, you can get in here with me, there is plenty of room, and with that name we know you love dixon,” said Barry smiling and winking.

Megan was not amused, and casted the spell instantly, and left the bathroom. Suddenly Barry felt strange, and when he opened his eyes, he seen he had two huge hooters, in the top two a red two piece bathing suit. There were now flowers in the bath with him, and below under his new red bathing suit bottom was a plump pussy. He tugged at the boobs, then reached for his plump pussy lips, and screamed, hearing his new voice for the first time, then picking at the long hair now over his shoulders and back, tucked behind his ears.

This wasn’t all, then a big naked guy walked in, it was Barry’s friend Harold, and he called Barry, Barbara Ryder Shagwell.

“Ah, Barbara Ryder Shagwell, I seen you ran a bath for us. Good, there is plenty of room for me here, I’m getting in cock first! Here I go,” said Harold smiling with a huge boner.

Much to Barbara’s surprise, Harold didn’t even recognize him as Barry, it seemed he looked at him as some Barbara chick?! He tried to shove his dick into Barbara’s mouth, but she pushed it away, and so he went down between her luscious boobs with it!

“Don’t want to suck on it babe? Ok, then time for the titty fuck in the tub with me on top of course,” said Harold now on top of Barbara in the tub!

Megan walked in to see the results of the spell and commented, “So, what’s her name, Harold.”

Harold said, “Barbara Ryder Shagwell!”

Megan responded, “Well, you ‘ryder’ and you two ‘shagwell’, sorry I walked in on the action.”

Randy then walked in “Wow, Barbara, baby, you like to play dirty I see, I’ll leave you two alone, what a horny cousin Barbara I have, you’re such a slut, but you’re still my cousin.”

On that note, they both left the bathroom, and then Harold picked up Barbara like she was nothing, and shoved inside her new pussy, and she shuddered with unfamiliar feelings, and stunned this big man was holding her down, making it hard for her to get out and run away!


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