Megan Love Dixon Part 4

Megan was on an online game, with a headpiece on, and her call name was MegDixon87, not even having the “Love” part of her name involved. One of the gamers, just had to comment, because of the “Dixon” part of her name, however.

User TrickMan, said, “Hey Meg, did you get any Dixon yet, or did you have 87 of them? Would be neat if your real name was Megan Love Dixon. Maybe Megan loves 87 dixons.”

She got angry, “That’s it, TrickMan, let’s see you turn tricks.”

She casted the spell and it worked, suddenly TrickMan was feeling strange, and rightfully so. He looked down to see he had long blonde hair, huge boobs revealing themselves in a sheer black nylon attached to a black leotard of some kind. His crotch was flat, and rubbing it revealed he touched plump pussy lips! He spoke a bit, stunned at his new higher voice.

“What the matter TrickMan? Cat got your tongue, or maybe your dick? Serves you right,” said Megan before ending the session.

TrickMan ripped off the headset and raced for one of his mirrors, stunned at the stunner looking back at him! He looked like some kind of busty casino waitress or something. He then looked back at his TV, and his call name was different. It was now Tricks4Peters87. In fact he wasn’t even on a game now, he was on a live chat porn site!

A final message from BIGCOXXXMAN said, “All 87 of us will be over shortly for your group sex session baby, just be patient, and you’ll get all the dick you want. The camera man will be there shortly too, we want a full movie of this for your site, Tricks for Peters featuring Penelope Shari Peters.”

The new Penelope, formerly TrickMan online, and Patrick Peters in real life, was now in porn as a busty curvy blonde chick. Soon the cameraman let himself in, and along with him was a line of men coming inside for some action. Penelope screamed. Megan didn’t see what happened on this one, but she knew it was some kind of poetic justice, and the way he acted, he was probably, doing lots of men, and she was right.


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