MAU: The cost of revenge

The three burly men leapt up from the card table scattering cash and cards as the basement door burst in. Framed in the doorway stood a pretty young woman in a mesh top and heels and not much else. The men are so startled by here sudden appearance and by the sight of her generous breasts spilling from her flimsy top they almost don’t notice the pistol she is carrying.

“Against the wall dirt bags!” she commands with as much authority as she can manage in her high breathy voice “No funny business or will drop your ass right here, right now!”

The tallest of the men has the presence of mind to go for his own gun and receives a bullet in the shoulder for his trouble. After that the others comply, assuming the position as she relieves them as of their own weapons.

“Ha better,” she says “I bet you fuckers thought you’d seen the last of me, you probably thought that giving me this slutty body and selling me to a brothel would get me out of you hair for good. Well I’ve got news for you cocksuckers , I was a navy Seal and we don’t quit! I knew I just had to suck it up for a while and pretend like your little makeover had broken me and I’d get my opportunity. “

She walks over to the glass and metal cabinet in the corner of the room and checks the control panel keeping her gun trained on the men as she relates her story.

“Sure enough after a a couple of weeks of playing the good girl your little friends made the mistake of starting to think I was just another whore. A mistake I made sure they’ll live to regret” She finishes tapping at the controls and smiles wickedly “So now I’m back, I’m going to use this machine to reclaim my proper body and then I’m going after the rest of your rotten organisation, but first you three are going to pay for what you did.”

She forces the two uninjured men to load their wounded friend into box. She hits activate and the room fills with an unearthly hum and flickering light, when the door slides open the muscular thug has vanished by a little blonde girl in a pink dress and pigtails. She looks up at the woman her face ashen and tears in her pretty blue eyes the woman drags her out and pushes her into a corner before turning her attention back to the other two men.

“You next” she orders jabbing her gun her next victim “don’t fuck with me or I will put a bullet in your head, at least this way you’ve got a chance.”

Reluctantly he complies and when the machine has done its work the dangerous looking man has become a petite Japanese girl with cat ears, a long fluffy tail and soft furry paws instead of hands.

The final man tries to fight back but she expertly side steps his desperate lunge and smashes him in the face with butt of her pistol. She shoves him into the machine while he is still dazed. The creature that emerges is a true freak , it is a limb less woman with a grossly fat ass and three rows of huge lactating breasts on her chest. Her eyes plead for mercy but she can no longer beg because her mouth has been replaced by a swollen dripping pussy to match the one between her legs.

Satisfied that her revenge is complete the woman hauls her final victim out of the way and ties the other two up for good measure. She takes her time programming the machine entering the specifications for her original male body plus some subtle improvements. She takes a deep breath and steps into the box just as it’s light flickers and dies. Again and again she tries to restart it tears of fear and frustration streaking her mascara but it remains stubbornly dead. Eventually she is forced to accept that whatever strange alien power source the machine ran on must have been depleted and it is unlikely to ever work again. She has wasted her one chance to return to her old life on petty vengeance and what ever the future holds she will have to face it as a woman.


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