Professor Braun hoped that his teleporter would benefit all mankind, ending war poverty and disease. As a man of science he knew he had to test it on himself before he could announce his discovery to the world.

He stepped into the machine and his body was converted into an electronic signal that could be transmitted across the internet. However a slight miscalculation lead to the information pertaining to his body becoming mixed up with a video from his favourite porn site.

He could hardly believe it as he stepped out of the receiver in high heels and skin tight hot pants. He ran his small hands over his sensitive new body thrilling as it responded in ways both strange and thrilling. He felt excitement stir within him quite different from anything he had felt as a man. If it could feel this good at just a touch what else might this body be capable of?

Clearly his teleport still needed work but first as a man of science it was his duty explore his new body further and make a thorough study of all the marvellous things could do. For science!


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