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After Work

Back when I was a man, nothing was better than getting home from a hard day of work, taking off your shoes, your belt, and melting into the couch. Now that I’m forced by my mom to live her life, which means having to work in her office, there are different things I look forward to. Read more

Mother’s wish

Molly was cleaning up her son Brian’s bedroom when she heard a scream and suddenly a skimpy dressed girl entered the room.
“Mom?! What the hell happened!?” the girl screamed in panic.
“Who are you?” Molly asked, while suddenly coming to a shocking realization “No, it can’t be….”
Just seconds before, Molly was complaining about her son messiness and careless wished for a daughter. It seemed that somebody heard her and granted her wish, because suddenly Brian morphed from a tall guy to a small and curvy girl.
Molly thought that a daughter would have been less messy than her son Brian, which was not the case. Apparently her daughter Brianna was equally messy, and in addition she was a total slut, as noted by her clothing choices!

The Worst part of all this

I was out at the mall when suddenly everything went blurry, when I came to I saw that I was a girl, wearing a short crop top, super skinny jeans, a god damn thong, but probably the worst part, socks and sandals.

MateMakers: Timid

I stood anxiously in the room, eyes flickering towards the door every now and again, wondering if this had been a good decision. I wasn’t even sure if this was a place he belonged at all! Just a look at the furniture around me made the me feel painfully out of place. Just the sofa he was sitting on was probably worth over a year of rent! Read more

Being surprised

I had just flushed the toilet. As I was about to pull up my pants, my roommate John opened the door. “What the hell dude? close the door!” He was holding an old looking notebook. I saw him write something on it. I felt a small gust of wind cover my whole body. Read more