Masturbation session

“Why have I never done this before?” Haley asked herself in between moans as she lay swaying her hips up and down stroking the vibrator up and down her wet vagina. Her huge tits jiggling rhythmically with each sway of her hips. Her vagina was so much more sensitive. All of her senses were heightened, she could feel the soft pillows of her parents bed pressing against her back and cushiony ass. She didn’t know why she decided to masturbate in her parent’s room, maybe it was the thrill of it. The fact that her dad could walk in any minute and catch her in the act made her all the more horny. And as the pleasure grew and grew her moans got louder and louder. Haley could hear the sound of footsteps making their way closer and closer. Up the stairs and along the hall towards the door. Haley didn’t care she just kept on moaning. Then all of a sudden the door swung open, Haley just kept going.
“Oh honey you got started without me, you little minx” She heard her Dad say as he then approached the bed quickly taking of his clothes and diving on top of her.
It was a good thing that Haley had possessed her Mom or she would have been in a world of trouble


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