Caught by my own sister

I had spent years looking for some kind of magic item that allowed me to transform myself into someone else. I had always been fixated with bodyswapping and body transformation. I looked for magical items, potions spells, but none seemed to work. Imagine my surprise when my sister Kim caught me looking online at bodyswap spells. She laughed and ran to her room.

I followed her, hoping she wouldn’t tell anybody. When I entered her room, she hugged me and said “Don’t be embarrased bro, I have what you want”. I looked at her confused. She was holding some kind of black bow tie, “Just wear this on your neck” she said while handing it to me. I looked at her in disbelief. I had seen pictures online of that same bow tie. Was she making fun of me? or was it really the bow of transformation. “Go ahead, you will enjoy everypart of it” she said.

As soon as I wore it I felt everything change. The room looked bigger as my body had shrunk. Long blonde hair went all the way down to my breasts. Wait? breasts? I quickly placed my hands over them. But I quickly got distracted by my feminine hands. “It worked! I am a woman” I said. “Yes you are” my sister said and hugged me again. I tried to remember my former male life, but somehow all I could remember was being a girl.

“You might not remember this, but not long ago we were brothers. After I wore the bow tie, everything changed. It wasn’t a big deal, no one remembered the old me” my sister said, “To tell you the truth, apart from knowing I used to be a man, I don’t remember my past life”. I did hear everything she said, but I was still inspecting my own body. “I am so glad to have a sister” she said. “So do I” I said while giggling. I was about to take the bow tie off “no don’t!” my sister said, “you have to wear it for 24 hours to make the changes permanent. I smiled.

We started to get dressed. We had a big party tonight. I placed some cat ears on my head, which made me giggled. “Cat! get it” I said while pointing at myself. “Yes Katherine, I know it sounds a lot like Kat” my sis said.

After a couple of hours we finally left to the party. There some random guy asked us “is it true you are sisters?”. It is funny how we always get asked the same question. But I guess it is to be expected, after all, anyone who just met us, would never believe we are sisters, but indeed we are. “My sister looks brazilian, because she took that from our mother’s side. And I look kind of irish, like our father” I told the guy. “He looks cute, I hope I get to make out with him later tonight” I whispered to my sister.


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