Making the best of a bad situation

Tim was at home, jerking it to TG captions. This one he liked, a story about a hot red head who was a guy until an a friend pranked him and turned him into a slut. The chick in the picture was hot. Young, big boobs, wide hips. And the red hair… so red it didn’t even look real. He felt himself edging up to orgasm when he blacked out suddenly.

He came to and found himself in the body of an over weight woman! He was in an apartment somewhere on the couch with the TV on, and he was definitely a woman! He sat up and felt his curvy body sway and saw a lock of red hair fall into his eyes, which he brushed aside. He made a B-line straight for the bathroom and looked at himself in a mirror. He was a fat red headed chick! He’d fantasized about being a woman, but he didn’t want to be fat!

He stared at the reflection for awhile. Something about it was familiar. After staring at it for a few minutes he realized what it was. He was the chick from the picture he’d been wanking it to!

The news on the TV reported a special alert. Tim rushed back in to see what it was.

The Fantasy Orgasm Switching Event, something presaged on a select few websites online had come to pass. Anyone who was orgasming during the minute the earth passed through a strange magnetic field was swapped with whoever they were thinking about at the time.

It didn’t take Tim long to put it all together. Clearly the picture he’d been wanking it to was pretty old. The model in those photos couldn’t have been more than 20, but according to the ID Tim found, the woman he was now was 30, and clearly not a model anymore.

Tim was distraught and upset that his fantasy had come true, but not the way he’d envisioned it. Still he wanted to make the best of a bad situation. He stripped and started playing with himself. The sensations he felt were more than enough to make Tim realize it wasn’t all bad. He could always try diet and exercise to lose the weight.


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