Company Picnic

“I’m gonna do it.” Stan said and glanced across the park. It was the company picnic and like usual everyone split up into their respective cliques.

“Man you need to leave her alone.” Roger replied.

“No way, she’s hot and was totally coming on to me earlier.”

“She was just talking to you.” Roger replied. He knew this wouldn’t end well. Stan had the opposite of a way with words, especially when women were involved. His opening lines almost always involved rather obvious innuendo and a proposition.

“No way man, I’m doing it. I’m gonna go talk to Cassie and ask her out.”

Roger shrugged and watched. He saw Cassie’s face light up after Stan started talking to her, like she was upset. Then she laughed and took Stan by the hand. Roger stared slack jawed as Cassie led Stan away from the picnic to a more remote part of the park.

Five minutes later Cassie returned, but Stan did not. Another five minutes went by and Roger started to get worried. He excused himself from the party, saying he had to go to the bathroom and set off to look for Stan.

Behind some bushes sitting at a remote picnic table Roger spotted a woman and paused. She was quite the attractive brunette and was staring down at her chest. This is what got Roger’s attention as she was only wearing a white bra, a short black skirt, and a man’s tie. Roger felt himself getting aroused looking at her.

“Hi there.” Roger said and approached cautiously. “I’m looking for a friend of mine, have you seen anyone?”

“Oh-mi-god! Roger!” the woman said with a high pitched voice, “Like- Look what she did to me!”

“Excuse me?” Roger asked.

“Cassie. She’s like, a witch or something.” the woman said.

“Stan?” Roger asked, putting two and two together.

“Yeah. She, like, pulled me back here and I said she was one of those girls that needed cock real bad. She got upset and was all like `I know what you mean by one of those girls!’ and then POOF, I was a chick in these clothes! At least I like, kept my tie!” The brunette spoke rapidly in a cadence not typically associated with high intelligence.

Roger looked at the tie, it did look like the one Stan had been wearing… He still didn’t buy it.

“Ha ha. Ok, come out Stan.” Roger said and looked around in the bushes.

“Dude, I’m right here!”

“Prove it.” Roger said.

The woman cocked her head to the side. “I, like, don’t know how to do that.”

“Riiiight…” Roger replied with a sigh. She didn’t seem smart, but she was definitely cute. He shrugged and turned to go.

“Like, wait!” The brunette shouted, “I can like, make it up to you if you bring Cassie back here.”

“Make it up to me how?” Roger said.

“I’ll like, give you a hand job.”

Roger tried not to act surprised. He’d never been propositioned by a woman like that before. He still thought this was a set up. He glanced around and saw no one. “I don’t know if I can trust you.”

“Ok, how about I like, give you a hand job then you go get her?” the brunette said and inched closer to Roger. Without waiting for his say so she started to undo his pants. He was too stunned to respond and his hard cock sprung free.

She paused and stared at it. “It’s like, so big!” She said and smiled. She wrapped her hand around it and started stroking it. “It like, looks so good…”

Little did either of them know, but Cassie was actually lurking in the bushes watching the newly feminine Stan stroke his old friend Roger. She could tell by the look on Stan’s face the spell worked exactly like it was supposed to. Now he was “one of those girls that needed cock real bad.” Cassie heard “Stacy” moan as Roger blew his load all over her face and tits, and took that as her cue to exit. She wanted to make sure Roger wouldn’t see her again until after the weekend. The way she saw it one of two things would happen. Either Roger would take “Stacy” home with him for a weekend of fun or he’d leave her there covered in his cum. If Roger took “Stacy” home she’d think about turning Stan back to normal on Monday. If Roger didn’t then Cassie might just have to use a similar spell on him come Monday.


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